【DE】The Bremen Classic Motorshow: Experience “Biedermann & Brandstifter” live

In focus: a special show that drives up to the most extreme pairs of brothers in automotive history


After three years, the Bremen Classic Motorshow will open on Friday, 3. February 2023, again their doors – and once again makes the halls of MESSE BREMEN in the heart of the Hanseatic city a dorado for classic car friends of all ages. Countless two- and four-wheeled icons in the history of motorization as well as hundreds of stands invite you to stroll, marvel and talk shop for a weekend. The special show is the traditional highlight.



Photo: M3B GmbH



A good shopping cart with tame 36 hp. In addition, a brutal 160 hp driving machine, which even shows the exhaust to a Porsche of that era in the sprint. What do these high-contrast classic cars have in common? The type series as well as the name: Both are called Renault 5 – and come from the same model generation. “It is such pairs of brothers of the greatest possible differences that we present in our special show, Biedermann & Arsonists,” says project manager Frank Ruge. “Of course by means of rare originals.”


Visitors to the large trade fair, which opens the classic car calendar every year with the traditional slogan “We start the season”, can expect seven of these highly contrasting pairings. From the 50 hp weak base type of the Ford Capri to the motorsport counterpart RS 2600. The 1300 cubic accountant version of the Audi 80 next to its once unbeatable rally derivative Sport Quattro S1. The oil crisis money box BMW 1502 as well as the spoiler-reinforced “Widowmaker” 2002 Turbo. “The naked basic models are much harder to organize in a well-kept factory condition than their highly equipped offshoots, which cost up to one million euros, which got into collector’s hands at an early stage,” says Frank Ruge.


Many regular visitors to the Bremen Classic Motorshow are waiting for the spectacular special show particularly longingly and impatiently. Due to the corona pandemic, a virtual performance in the form of Internet streams had to be enough for them in 2021 and 2022. Of course, these audience-free presentations could not offer the atmosphere of the live experience. Nevertheless, they were highly praised by fans of classic vehicles. “After all, Bremen offered a colorful, technically demanding screen show instead of simply cancelling the event soberly,” says the general tenor of the scene.


Cross brave, undermotorized zero outfitter face to face with her evil racing brothers. Here the crocheted toilet roll and the felt hat under the rear window, there the angry roaring top performance heart under the hood. These blatant contrasts can finally be experienced live under the motto “Biedermann & Arsonstifter” – up to the grandmother’s golf class representative Lancia Delta 1300 and its excessive, up to 500 hp mid-engine all-wheel drive transformer Delta S4, which leaves nothing more than the radiator grille and the rear lights of the basic type in addition


What dramatic matings can still be expected? The tension is not taken away here – you can be surprised and inspired at the Bremen Classic Motorshow 2023.



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