Factors in booth design and construction

It is generally believed that booth design and construction are like interior design. Home decoration design should consider the special needs of individuals living there, the impact of color matching on mood, etc. Similarly, exhibition and booth design and construction also need to consider various factors.


  1. Exhibits themselves

Whether it is a real object or a concept, its volume, use, and other characteristics are displayed. Different display subjects need different props, styles, and colors to display. The goal of design is not to show the talents and dreams of designers. Everything is to highlight the exhibits. The design of exhibits is effective design.


  1. Display items

For example, public welfare publicity aims to make people accept an idea or change a bad habit, so props and scenes need to be shocking. For another example, large-scale trade fairs are designed to give equal opportunities to participants and give customers a sense of urgency. Therefore, venues and booths are usually like a maze, allowing customers to immerse themselves in endless choices, while at the same time, there is a sense of oppression that they will not find them if they miss them.


  1. Venue

From large countries to small venues, the design can only complement each other if it is coordinated with the environment. Only a comfortable and harmonious environment can make people relax their vigilance, feel friendly, and have the energy to understand and accept the exhibits.


  1. Show the audience

Although the exhibits are displayed, they should be people-oriented, achieve humanized design, and consider the spiritual and material needs of the target audience. The target group is high-income people. The exhibition design and construction must be exquisite and high-grade to make the audience feel worthy of them. The target group is the general public. The design must be grounded to impress people.


  1. Duration of the exhibition

Whether the whole exhibition lasts for a long time or a short time, and how long a single exhibition lasts, are all factors to be considered in the design. The materials used in the exhibition hall and booth should match the duration. If a single show lasts for a long time, it should also consider providing visitors with comfortable and convenient rest places, catering and toilet services.


The exhibition design and construction show the products and concepts and serve the target groups. All factors that may improve the feelings of the target groups on this exhibition are factors that need to be considered.

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