How can booth design become simple?The design must be as simple as possible

All exhibition design companies and designers hope to design high-quality exhibitions to achieve better effects, meet the personalized needs of exhibitors, and leave a good visual experience for the audience. The small editor suggested that we should focus on building high-quality exhibitions, and not be too complex, too complex, but cannot leave a deep impression. How can booth design become simple? Here is an introduction.

1、 Exhibition construction should be simple and not complicated

Because the visual elements accepted by ordinary people in a short time are very limited, the audience hastily accepts information in the exhibition. If the audience cannot immediately obtain clear information about the exhibits, it is impossible to be interested in the exhibits. Therefore, the Beijing exhibition design should not be too complicated, and it is not allowed to carry out too complex design and construction. It is more difficult for the audience to obtain useful information. The exhibition construction is too complex, which is not conducive to construction.

2、 Exhibits should be selective and representative

Exhibitors’ booths are limited, so exhibitors should place representative products in the most prominent and excellent positions. Simplicity is the direct way to attract the audience’s attention. There are a lot of exhibits in the exhibition hall, which does not play a good role for visitors, because it is impossible for the audience to obtain more useful information from the many exhibits, blurring the focus of the entire exhibition.

3、 Highlighting the key points in exhibition construction

The exhibition design must have a focus to attract the attention of visitors, so generally speaking, exhibits are the focus of the exhibition. Therefore, special exhibits or new products launched by exhibitors or products that people attach importance should be placed in a prominent position on the display platform, and the characteristics of exhibits should be highlighted with the display platform design.

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