How to select good booth construction companies?

The booth design and construction are a display of the spatial relationship displayed by integrating enterprise, product, company culture and other elements, with the purpose of conveying specific information. With the rapid development of the business environment, many enterprises pay more and more attention to the design of exhibition halls, and competent enterprises are building booths. What are the selection criteria for good booth construction companies?

1. Space color

Color is all forms of artistic expression, and it is the psychology that makes people vulnerable to it, making it a judgment of “good or bad”. Color design is a key part of booth design and an important factor for success or failure. In color design, time, season, and exhibition location shall be considered, and lighting and other factors shall be allocated. Enterprises and exhibits must be considered, and colors shall be selected according to exhibits. The design of the booth construction company has a simple and clean principle. Too many color changes will cause visual fatigue and cannot achieve outstanding results. Therefore, intuitive judgment should be made to obtain better visual effect.


2. Display

The booth should be carefully displayed when it is set up on the display of the exhibits. It is not allowed to randomly place the exhibits one by one. The display depends on the characteristics of the enterprise’s products. There are many display methods, such as thematic display, neat display, random display, disk display, positioning display, associated display, classified display, etc., which can be used in conjunction with the placement of enterprise awards or qualification certificates to highlight the advantages of the enterprise.


3. Site

The personnel of the booth construction company must understand the company culture and the market position of the products of the customer company, and further convey this information to the visitors. Excellent booth design and construction companies aim to help and strengthen the company and its products in the market, which requires designers to complete two tasks: first, the booth construction and display content must be determined as soon as possible; Second, the materials and multimedia technologies need to be integrated to show a good visual effect of the exhibition hall. To achieve these two purposes, the exhibition hall must have some creativity, which is not only reflected in the concept of booth construction, but also in the specific materials and equipment.

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