What are the details of booth construction?

Enterprises participate in the exhibition to attract potential customers and beautify the company image and product recommendation. There are thousands of exhibitors and possibly tens of thousands of visitors in an exhibition. To make your booth stand out in many exhibitions, booth construction and layout is the first important link. What details should be paid attention to in booth design?

  1. Booth design – display the characteristics of exhibits

Conception, arrangement, and exhibition arrangement should be carried out from the perspective of visitors, rather than from the perspective of exhibitors or sellers. For example, if the clothes are displayed on the booth in the packaging box, it is better to take a big photo of the model wearing clothes and hang it in the booth. The former is to sell the leading role in exhibition arrangement, while the latter is to buy the leading role in exhibition arrangement, which can attract more buyers’ attention. This requires designers to know who the target audience is, what impression the exhibitors want to make on the target audience, and what questions the target audience wants to know about the product. Understanding the interest of the target audience will help designers to attract the target audience and help the products to be sold.


  1. Booth design – clear theme

There should be a clear publicity theme. The booth design should be able to clearly express the theme that the enterprise or the store wants to promote, and clearly convey the information of its own products that the enterprise wants to promote. In the booth design, the purpose of publicity should be clear, and the theme of publicity should meet the enterprise information and good image of the products conveyed to people by the exhibitors. In the booth construction, the commodities displayed on the booth are the products of the enterprise.


  1. Booth design – reasonable design

The booth must be built with reasonable collocation, and the use of appropriate colors and lights is a necessary device to reflect the harmonious beauty in a coordinated way. Booth design the color of the booth background must be reasonable, so that it can play a good foil effect for the product promotion and play a positive role in promoting the enterprise’s product promotion. The exhibition hall should be able to attract customers, and the booth design should be simple, orderly, concise, and atmospheric to attract customers. Highlight the core exhibits, the more important the exhibits should be. In some cases, the entire booth layout is around a prominent exhibit, which is the core product of the enterprise to promote and bring great benefits to the enterprise.

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