what are the key points to be planned in the booth design?

Enterprise booth design is a very important work, so what are the key points to be planned in the booth design? Here’s a brief introduction

Key point 1: Determine the direction of exhibition design

The booth design planning is the prelude to the entire booth design. Only after the main direction of the entire exhibition is determined, can the next step of collecting relevant materials be carried out; Before the design work starts, it is necessary to make a market survey of the general contents to be designed, including whether the design is avant-garde, whether the competitors have similar designs, and the general budget. Then it is necessary to make a survey of the site, the size of the entrance and exit of the exhibition hall, the location of the booth, the height of the venue, etc. With these data, the finished manuscript can enter the construction process more smoothly without repeated modification due to data loss. After the investigation is completed, the booth can be designed according to the requirements of the exhibitors. The design should be visualized according to the actual situation of the exhibits, the needs of the enterprise and other factors. After the first draft is formed, it should be submitted to the exhibitors for final decision. Whether there are any unsatisfactory places, or the aesthetic does not meet the aesthetic standards of the exhibitors, etc. Revise repeatedly until the final draft, and enter the exhibition building stage.

Key point II. Determine the elements of booth design

When designing the booth, we should know that the exhibition is a combination of color, lighting, layout, exhibits, shelves, and other factors. After all, the information people receive in an instant is very limited, so it is necessary to build a simple booth.

Key point 3: Determine the theme of exhibition design

The designer needs to define the theme of the booth design to design the exhibition at the request of the exhibitors. On this basis, visitors can find and leave an impression more easily. However, no matter how unique it is, it cannot be separated from the theme and objectives of the exhibition. At the same time, the characteristic products of the enterprise also need to be attractive enough, and the characteristic products can usually be highlighted through some arrangements and lights.

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