What does the stand design concept mean?

What does the stand design concept mean? What is the design concept of booth construction? In the exhibition, the booth can be said to be a business card of an enterprise. The size, design and appearance of the booth must be perfect and conform to the competitive standards, so that the enterprise can be the first to win in the exhibition. The criteria for evaluating the success of a booth in future exhibitions is not whether its booth is gorgeous or luxurious, but its communication ability, the concept it expresses, the functionality determined by the booth and the connotation of the exhibits themselves. As for booth design, I think most exhibitors can only perceive it from the perspective of visual sense. In fact, for professional booth construction companies, they need to consider more than that. If they want to make a fully satisfactory booth, the design requirements must include:

The size of the booth, the number of the booth, and the overall floor plan of the booth. With these basic things, professional booth construction companies can have a clear structural positioning for the entire booth.Exhibitors’ requirements for the main color of the booth design scheme, their LOGO, design style, and detailed planning of functional areas.What are the equipment to be demonstrated, the sense of hierarchy required by the space structure, the angle of lighting, the selection of materials, the display of sample exhibition varieties, etc.

The booth design aims to enhance the image of exhibitors and promote the company’s products to the market. The booth design needs the booth design scheme in the early stage of the exhibition. This plan will lead the exhibitors to complete the whole process of booth design. The plan will be designed and built by a professional exhibition design company.

Design concept of booth construction

(1) Dealing well with the relationship between the exhibitors and the designers The exhibition design requires that the designers not create an artwork according to their own ideas, but use technology and creativity to reflect and express the intention, style and image of the exhibitors, so as to achieve the desired purpose and effect of the exhibitors.

(2) Deal with the relationship between art and exhibition. No matter what design techniques and techniques are used, and no matter what background is used (including exhibition stands, props, and decorations), the protagonist is the booth and exhibits, and it is not allowed to dominate. The contents of the exhibition shall not be restricted by the means of expression and shall not highlight the design and neglect the booth and exhibits. The quality of the design does not depend on the amount of money spent or whether it meets the artistic standards, but on whether the booth can reflect the image and intention of the exhibitors, attract the attention of visitors, and whether the exhibits can reflect the characteristics and advantages.

(3) It is a successful design to handle the relationship between exhibition and trade well. The booth reflects the image of the exhibitors, attracts the audience, and leaves an impression. The exhibits can reflect the characteristics and advantages and facilitate the visitors to watch. If it is a publicity exhibition, such design will achieve the goal. However, if it is a trade exhibition, the design has not yet reached its goal. In trade exhibitions, exhibitions are a means of trade. The booth is the environment for exhibitors to carry out trade work, and the booth itself is not the purpose; Similarly, exhibits are a tool for exhibitors to carry out trade, and exhibition products are not an end in themselves.

(4) To manage the relationship between exhibition design and other work, designers must understand that the design provides the exhibitors with the environment and conditions to achieve their exhibition goals and may also need to coordinate the work with publicity personnel and advertising personnel. The success of exhibition design lies in helping and supporting the exhibition to achieve overall rather than partial success.

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