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professional knowledge is required for display design and decoration

What professional knowledge is required for display design and decoration?

The exhibition is a modern concept developed with the excessive enrichment of products and concepts. In the simple age when the aroma of wine is not afraid of the depth of the alley, if things are good enough, there is no need to deliberately display them. However, in today’s explosion of material and spirit, no matter how good they are, they will be buried. The display design and decoration is a good way to sublimate the products. Therefore, we must work hard on the display design. What professional knowledge is required for display design and decoration?Generally, the design in this area is the integration of multiple design disciplines.

  1. Interior Design

Most display design and decoration are carried out indoors, and various booths can also be compared to various furniture. The home environment itself is also an exhibition hall to show the taste of the owner, and the target audience is the owner’s family. The interior design is expanded to exhibition design and booth construction, but the audience is wider, and more attention is paid to the display function and beauty and comfort.

  1. Public space design

The application in exhibition design can be understood as outdoor design. For many exhibitions, especially large-scale exhibitions, the exhibition itself is also one of the exhibits. The purpose of exhibition is to integrate the exhibition into parks and streets. The target group of the exhibition is generally very broad, and the designer also needs to reasonably arrange and use the space to convey the purpose of the exhibition.

  1. Landscape design

Beauty is the common pursuit of human beings, so beautiful things can be easily accepted and remembered. The exhibition is designed as a landscape like a garden, so that visitors can linger in the landscape.

  1. Visual communication design

The purpose of the exhibition is not only to display, but to convey a kind of information through display. It is to let people accept a point of view, or to let customers buy the displayed products. This information must be conveyed through visual communication design and props.

  1. Industrial Design

In the commercial society, most things are businesses. Similarly, most exhibitions sell products. Therefore, designers need to understand product design, integrate relevant concepts and aesthetics into exhibition design and convey them to the audience.


The exhibition design and decoration is to use the above knowledge to convey the information to the audience in an organized and planned way, so as to achieve the final display effect.

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