【DE】Trend spots for DOMOTEX 2023 | Halls 2 – 4

IPEK – A. Ipektchi GmbH & Co.KG: Everything except flying carpets


The Hamburg-based family business IPEK, managed by Dr. Ali-Reza Ipektchi, has been one of the large and established full-range suppliers for decades when it comes to high-quality Persian carpet knotting.


When DOMOTEX reopens its doors in January 2023, it will not only please visitors – many exhibitors, new as well as regular customers, will also return to Hanover with anticipation. Regular customers can confidently include IPEK. For more than 100 years, the Hamburg-based family business with Iranian roots has stood for great expertise in the carpet trade and a brilliant full range of Persian hand knotting. From fine city carpets such as Tabris, Isfahan or Nain to colorful nomadic carpets of the Gashgai or Lori to flat fabrics such as Kilim Gashgai and Sumak Afshar, IPEK offers everything that makes Persian carpet knotting.


The team led by Dr. Ali-Reza Ipektchi, who runs the company in the fifth generation – now actively supported by his son Amin Ipektchi and his daughter Vida ter Hazeborg – constantly keeps around 20,000 carpets and kilims in stock, from new and contemporary to antique and authentic. In this way, IPEK can respond quickly to any individual request. Whether smallest runners or oversizes – at IPEK everyone will find their carpet, in every price range and in the corresponding qualities. However, the company not only stands for unique, hand-knotted goods – the advice is also at the same high level. Dealers who want to rebuild, expand or adapt their range are just as happy to advise IPEK as end customers and always find the promising selection. On request, IPEK delivers the goods from Hamburg to almost anywhere in the world.



Tisca Austria GmbH: Poetry at your feet


In the four-border corner of Austria, Germany, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Tisca cultivates a great passion: unique hand-woven carpets that not only comfortably dress living rooms. In European manufacturers, skillful weavers design textile jewelry that, despite its beauty, also robustly defies everyday life.


Basically, Tisca Austria GmbH from Thuringia in Vorarlberg also belongs to the generation of baby boomers, because the company has been manufacturing hand-woven carpets since 1963. Each one of them is unique with its own character, unlike all carpets created before or after him. It differs in colors and designs, by its size and shape, by the thousand small irregularities that usually unite into a harmonious whole. Made by hand, he has grown slowly and embodies the skill and passion of the person who created it. It is almost a privilege to be able to design a carpet according to your own ideas. The customer determines the format, decides on materials, colors, designs and structures. Here, old craftsmanship should combine with modern design and become a personal interpretation whose beauty and harmony gives rooms a new face.


In addition to so much poetry, prose should not be neglected. At the DOMOTEX 2023 in Hanover, the Austrians will show, among other things, their diverse Olbia hand woven carpet collection. As always, Tisca attaches importance to tradition here and draws on decades of experience and tried and tested techniques when weaving the carpets. The Olbia collection with 96 colors and 26 structures offers an infinite number of model variants for the individual living atmosphere. Experienced weavers only process high-quality, predominantly New Zealand wool for Olbia. It is not without reason that Tisca’s products adorn living spaces from people who appreciate noble, durable manufactory work.



Maurizio Battilossi: When arts and crafts inspire each other


With his new FADE collection, inspired by the color fields of a Mark Rothko, the Italian carpet designer Maurizio Battilossi transforms the DOMOTEX 2023 in Hanover into a vernissage.


La famiglia, the family, felt even more important in Italy than in the rest of the world. And so the Galleria Battilossi is also a family business in the best sense of the word. Actively supported by his sister Marina, the Turin Maurizio Battilossi devotes himself to the fascinating world of hand-knotted carpets. On his website, he characterizes himself as follows: “My roots lie in Turin and my heart beats in Asia, but my curiosity and desire to discover know no bounds. I think I’m here to study, and I do. I used to only be dedicated to ancient textile art, but now I have expanded my vision to understand vintage carpets and textiles from all over the world. The keywords are always quality, originality, beauty. Age is no longer a discriminatory element. My contemporary carpets are the result of the combination of inspired, talented designers and craftsmanship in this field, which is unique in Asia.”


On the occasion of DOMOTEX, which reopens its doors in Hanover in January 2023, Battilossi shows some of the results that stand for his constant effort to conquer new areas in the field of handmade carpets. For the FADE collection, Battilossi has explored the world of the relatively new weaving method called hand weaving and finally felt compelled in his struggle for excellence to cross the limits of this technique in order to achieve an extraordinary result in both appearance and quality. According to Battilossi, every aspect of the production of these carpets is handled with great care carried out. Hand-cut pile and the shaping of the ends and edges of the carpets shows the special attention to detail. Inspired by Rothko’s color fields and the Persian Mazandaran textile aesthetics, the FADE collection is the result of very high-quality hand-spun wool, which is dyed in spectacular shades – and it testifies to the profound knowledge of competent weavers.



GoodWeave: Keep your eyes open when buying carpets


The work of the NGO GoodWeave aims to end child labor in the global supply chains – from the manufacturer to the end customer. The corresponding seal of quality is therefore one of the best assurances that a carpet was made without child labor.


If you follow the descriptions of those involved at the time, the origin of GoodWeave lies in a live talk show in Germany in the early 1990s. In it, the Indian child rights activist Kailash Satyarthi reported on grievances and illegal child labor circulating in the carpet industry. An elderly lady, rightly upset by the one who had just heard, called the broadcasting station to express her indignation and announce that she wanted to throw away her own carpet, perhaps produced by children’s hands. In addition, something must definitely change in the future. Turning to Kailash Satyarthi, she said: “I am very old, I have a maximum of ten years to live. I can’t wait any longer, but you look young and can make me buy a new carpet without child labor.” This was the initial spark for the founding of GoodWeave in 1994, a non-governmental organization (NGO), which – together with many other initiatives to end child labor – earned Kailash Satyarthi the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014.


The GoodWeave seal of quality is one of the best guarantees that a carpet was made without the intervention of children. The seal of quality is only awarded to manufacturers or exporters who contractually adhere to predetermined production standards – especially with regard to the ostracism of child labor. To ensure contractual obligations and use


local GoodWeave inspectors have the right to spontaneous, unannounced visits to the licensed companies. The holding of the GoodWeave seal of approval is also associated with the payment of a license fee, which serves to support the NGO in monitoring production through inspections and training programs.


According to its own information, GoodWeave has now freed over 6,700 children from forced labor, enabled over 26,000 rescued and threatened children to receive high-quality school education and prevented hundreds of thousands of children from having to do illegal work. In addition, GoodWeave has now expanded its ancestral field of application in carpet production to other areas such as laundry, home textiles, fashion jewelry as well as bricks and tea. The positive effects of this work in the new areas are already noticeable. However, the effects of GoodWeave go far beyond the figures mentioned here, because the actions of the NGOs have a generally positive impact on social norms and behaviors, which contribute to the sustainable eradication of child labor.



  1. RUGS: That has hands and feet

Its premiere at DOMOTEX in January 2023 will be celebrated by the Indian company S.U.RUGS, which specializes in sustainable, handmade carpets made of natural and recycled fibers.


The essence of a trade fair, especially since a leading global trade fair such as the DOMOTEX in Hanover, is to bring markets together in order to expand the spectra of trade for the benefit of all parties involved – from producers to consumers. This aspect of the “Connecting Market” also includes premieres such as the first appearance at the DOMOTEX of S.U. RUGS from Bhadohi in India. Since its foundation 40 years ago, the company has made a name for itself as a manufacturer and exporter of handmade and, above all, sustainable carpets.


Under the motto “Hands to Rugs” the Indians make their positive contribution to a healthy ecosystem. The carpets of S.U. RUGS are always made by hand from a wide variety of natural fibers such as jute, cotton, wool, chenille, seagrass or sisal, sometimes woven, sometimes tufted, sometimes knotted. Recently, yarns made of recycled plastics have also been used for a long-lasting, meaningful new existence. S.U. RUGS attaches importance to clearly defined standards regarding labor and human rights as well as the protection of the environment. In addition to its own code of conduct, which is intended to ensure that people involved in the production of the products can work safely and in healthy working conditions and are treated with dignity and respect, S.U. RUGS also certified according to the following standards: BSCI, SEDEX, ISO 9001:2015 and GOODWEAVE & CARE & FAIR. At DOMOTEX in January 2023, the company presents itself to the international audience for the first time with the full range of its products.





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