【DE】TrendSet Winter 2023: On the way to the strongest German interiors & Lifestyle fair for specialist retailers


  • First international interiors & lifestyle fair in the new year
  • Successful start to the spring/summer 2023 season
  • Significant increase in visitors and increasing proportion of international visitors


High order numbers despite subdued Christmas business! Retail and online trade rely on the future and order fresh goods for the new season and Christmas 2023 at TrendSet Winter 2023. The TrendSet Winter 2023 was again the first order date of the year for trade visitors from the fields of furnishing, design and lifestyle. The termination from the 7th to the 9th January 2023 was ideal. Immediately after the holidays, TrendSet launched the order for the new season at Messe München. Around 2,000 exhibitors and brands showed their products and novelties for spring/summer 2023, Easter and also Christmas 2023 in six well-filled exhibition halls. And the trade visitors came in large numbers. With a significant increase in visitors compared to the previous year, TrendSet is in a strong, confident development with further growth.


We are living in upheaval towards new times. Nowhere is this as clear as in business and trade. People’s consumption and buying behavior is changing rapidly. The retail trade responds to this with new, creative concepts. The integration of e-commerce into stationary business, hybrid branches or brand experience hubs are just a few ways in which customers can be retained and re-in. Much was exchanged and discussed at TrendSet Winter 2023. A positive development became very clear: Customers recognize the value of stationary retail again more. The personal, individual shopping experience on site is required. New concepts score points with regard to the inner cities. Smaller specialized shops are emerging, which again offer more fun when shopping. Large forms of trade are increasingly distributed among smaller shops. Contact among experts, networking with experts is more important than ever in these times. And of course the trends, novelties and products of the coming season. Because all forms of trade need one thing: products that arrive and sell. And there were plenty of them at TrendSet Winter 2023 in Munich. Large buyers, buyers, retailers and online retailers from interiors & lifestyle as well as visitors from the hotel and gastronomy industry used the optimal schedule to find out about the latest trends for 2023 and order them directly.


Ideal trade fair location and best clientele: The TrendSet will be the strongest interiors & lifestyle fair in Germany

In the summer, TrendSet has already established itself as the most important interiors & lifestyle fair in Germany. Due to this success and the current development, the same is emerging for the winter. The Christmas business is also becoming increasingly important at TrendSet Winter. Many exhibitors are now showing their new Christmas collections here and there are more and more every time. Thus, the TrendSet is well on its way to becoming the strongest trade fair of its kind in Germany even in winter. The optimal location of the fair also contributes to this: Munich. As a purchasing power area, the Bavarian state capital scores with an optimal location, the best infrastructure and good accessibility for all visitors from Central and Southern Germany, the DACH region as well as Southern Europe and South-Eastern Europe. Due to the strong tourist nature of the region, the range of hotels is large and the costs for centrally located overnight stays are also moderate. And the fair itself can be reached easily and quickly by all means of transport. Due to the excellent infrastructure, the TrendSet is always on a growth course. Many new visitors from the southern and eastern countries of Europe come to us, orient themselves to Munich. New interesting markets such as the Czech Republic are opening up. This is a very exciting development that motivates us to position TrendSet more internationally – with a focus on retail – and to exploit the potential of the fair even more. We rely on the fact that, as in summer, we will also become the most successful trade fair for interiors & lifestyle in winter,” says Tatjana Pannier, Managing Director of TrendSet on the current situation and development of the fair.


Successful order start into the new year and the new season

The exhibition halls of TrendSet Winter 2023 were just as full as the order books of the exhibitors. The often invoked singing of the retail trade could not be understood at TrendSet Winter 2023 in Munich. Trade visitors from more than 40 countries filled the six exhibition halls of TrendSet with a good mood, high interest and a lot of order mood. Compared to the last events, a general trend continued to emerge, which was already observed in the summer: fewer visitors per company came to the fair. A development that wants to counteract the TrendSet. Because a visit is valuable for all employees to experience the goods live and make contacts in the industry. And the exhibitors should also become even more in quantity and quality. The TrendSet is still designed for natural growth. The new spring and summer goods, Easter items, year-round collections and preview items including the new Christmas goods were ordered at TrendSet Winter 2023. The exhibitors were very satisfied with the course of the fair. 


News from the TrendSet Topic Areas

The TrendSet Topic Areas show special, focused and innovative novelties and products from Living & Giving. Also at TrendSet Winter 2023, the influx of the special and unusual offers of TrendSet newcomers, TrendSet Fine Arts and TrendSet Bijoutex was great again. The small, innovative, new and local companies at TrendSet Newcomer were happy about the run to their promising, regional, fair, handmade and sustainable products. Good demand is certainly also due to the new times, when the origin, production and sustainability of brands play an increasingly important role in the purchase decision. At TrendSet Fine Arts, artists from painting, sculpture, photography and graphics showed their contemporary art at fair prices. New art from promising artists as an investment is particularly in demand at the moment. But series and unique pieces for the range are also opportunities for trade visitors to use art for their business. The TrendSet Bijoutex was also well frequented with its attractive range of fashion, fashion jewelry and accessories in view of today’s times.


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Wellness from nature: The trends in spring/summer 2023 

Also in spring/summer 2023, most designs revolve around nature and sustainability. The longing for depth, meaning and consistency in uncertain times is often expressed in retrospective vintage, homely cottage chic and cozy Scandi style. Gentle shapes, quiet colors, natural materials and loving details make interiors, fashion, accessories and lifestyle products feel-good elements in the new season. Even glamorous designs set only subtle accents. Rural comfort, cheerful patterns and relaxed collections lead to products with optimistic statements in the areas of Live & Give, Cook & Eat, Decorate & Create and Work & Play.

The main thing is colorful and cheerful: The trends for Easter 2023

Fresh pastels, Easter natural subjects, iconic Easter classics in a new guise and unusual patterns await us at Easter products 2023. Glittering plush chicks, crocheted rabbits and battered Easter eggs can be found on the Easter table as well as dishes and accessories with delicate flower and animal ornaments. It will be colorful, cheerful and varied at Easter. Rural things with natural materials and earthy colors also find their place in the Easter nest.


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Exhibitor comments from TrendSet Winter 2023:

Saturday was the best first day at TrendSet ever for us. Great order numbers and also many visitors from Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic. The order volume is huge, with large amounts. There are a lot of visitors there and everyone is in the mood. We see that new customers in particular get an overview in the morning and come back in the afternoon to order. The clientele splits well on the days of the fair. On Saturday and Sunday, retailers and the hotel industry are coming more and more. On Monday, all the wholesalers and chief buyers. We also see that hoteliers in particular are coming more to TrendSet to find new decoration and equipment for their homes. And networking with the industry is just great here.
Nico Attasio (Managing Director, DECORAMA)

We are satisfied with the TrendSet Winter 2023. Saturday, i.e. the 1st The day of the fair was almost back at pre-corona level for us in terms of order. Munich is a good location. The hotels are also moderate in terms of prices. Many regular customers visit us here and now also many decision-makers from the gastronomy and hotel industry.
Ferry Mulder (General Manager, Cor Mulder)

The first day of the fair, Saturday, was a very good start to the fair. The customers are positive again, the value of the products continues to rise. The most saddle-oriented shops on the market are those who visit the fair despite all crises and use it as a platform. Due to the fact that we have made trade fairs and retained our sales structures even in weak times, customers are still coming back now. The trade fair as a meeting place is simply essential for business.
Peter Kwoka (Managing Director, Kwoka Floristry)

We are very satisfied. We have very high averages here on TrendSet. The start of the fair on Saturday was good, Sunday bombastic. Many visitors also from Austria and Switzerland. The order of our new Christmas collection is also strong. We are relieved that the mood in the industry is so good despite the general situation. This encourages the next season.
Lars Adler (Managing Director, HOFF Interior)

The first day of the fair, Saturday was really good. Many regular customers were already at our stand and the order in the run-up to the TrendSet was already high. Everyone here is in a good mood. Visitors want new goods, especially with a lot of color. The process and organization of the TrendSet are great. Everything is simple and uncomplicated. And the TrendSet team is great. We are happy to be there.
Ute Vosteen (Managing Director, VOSTEEN)

Saturday was good and there is also a lot going on on Sunday. In addition to our regular customers, we have gained many new customers here at the fair. The mood is really good for everyone. We have been at TrendSet for so long, this time we also use the fair as a test market for our new brands “Parlane” and “Present Time” with our own exhibition stands to get a sense of how the specialist trade accepts the products. We are very satisfied.
Darwin Molenaar (Internal Account Manager Large Accounts, Light & Living)

TrendSet Winter 2023 is our only trade fair this year. Everyone is back here in Munich and we sell well. In the last three years, it has increased well again. The organization of the TrendSet is perfect. Everything is easy to organize, from registration to setup. Everything happens quickly and directly – also with the TrendSet team. Top.
Florian Hofer (Managing Director Florex)

You can already see that some customers are missing whose business simply did not survive the crises. But the quality of the visitors, who come extremely high. There is a great atmosphere at TrendSet Winter 2023 and we have an insanely high purchase per customer.
Arnold Maier (Managing Director, AM-Design) 

We are absolutely satisfied with the course of the fair. We were a bit unsure in advance about how it will be in the industry, but we are relieved. The TrendSet Winter 2023 is a nice start to the new season. We order well. We are super happy with the TrendSet. Team and organization are top.
Philip Wurm (Managing Director, G. Wurm)

Our new stand concept with concept bar is well received. Customers meet here and the industry too. We all now have the chance to break new ground, the market is open to it. You have to rethink for the customer to strengthen the POS. Here at our stand there is good energy and a lot of liveliness. And the concept works. On the 1st On the day of the fair, Saturday, we already had around 30% more visitors than we could even wupp from the manpower at our stand.
Michael Rossmann (Managing Director, Pad Home Design Concept)

The TrendSet Winter 2023 is going really well. Already on the first day of the fair it was very crowded and busy. A very good start to the fair. In addition to Germany, most of our visitors here come from Austria, Switzerland, Croatia and the Czech Republic. We get a lot of new customers and high orders. We like the TrendSet. It’s a great fair. We do many trade fairs, but the TrendSet is clearly the best organized. And also has just the right size: big enough and everything there, but not too big, so that it deters or tires visitors. This simply gives customers a better and faster overview of the providers, goods and trends.
Philip and Philippa Ahlström (Management The Moshi)

We are at TrendSet for the first time and at a German trade fair at all. We want to bring our brand to Germany and find TrendSet a good platform for presentation. Here we reach specialist retailers in Germany. We have a special, modern souvenir collection. Many end users know our products from their visits to the Netherlands, so we want to make our products available here as well. We get a lot of positive feedback from the visitors of TrendSet. They love our story and we are already recording a lot of orders. We also make contacts with possible German resellers, are looking for agents and dealerships. The TrendSet is also a fantastic opportunity for this. We have so many good conversations here. If you want to reach the retail trade or specialist trade from the DACH region, you have to go here for the TrendSet in Munich. Because they are all here and the TrendSet is a very good trade fair. For us, TrendSet Winter 2023 is going well all around.
Leanne van Doleweerd (Sales & Project Manager HEINEN DELFTS BLAUW.)

Everything is fine at TrendSet Winter 2023. The customers are in a positive mood, the flow of visitors is strong and consistent. We make many contacts, do networking and have many new customers at the fair. It’s nice here. Saturday has already started well and it continues. The setup on the TrendSet works well, the process and TrendSet team are very good. Everything is perfectly structured. We are happy.
Hella Haase (Area Manager, Broste Copenhagen)

The fair is going very well for us. Saturday alone was fantastic. Much more orders than usual, certainly 70% more than the last TrendSet winter. More order, more trade visitors and much, a lot of good mood. We are super happy!
Helene Ellingson (CCO, RICE)

We are at TrendSet for the first time and are highly satisfied. Saturday was great and Sunday tops it. We have traffic at the stand all day and high sales. The visitors are happy to be here at TrendSet, you can tell. We meet many customers and interested parties from Austria, Switzerland and Italy here. We are from Hamburg, so it’s a great opportunity for us to finally get to know our customers from the south in person. We get a lot of positive feedback and confirmation here. We had been thinking about going to TrendSet for years. Now we have finally done it and are very happy with our decision. We will definitely be back.
Denis Görz (Managing Director, DENKRIESEN)

We have a good order situation at TrendSet Winter 2023. The fair is going well after it started very well on Saturday. The atmosphere is good and our regular customers are happy to be able to be with us live at our stand again.
Claudia Vamdrup (Sales Manager Ib Laursen)

We are satisfied, have good influx and order, as in recent years. We notice that more restaurants are coming to the fair on Sunday. As always, the organization of the TrendSet is excellent. It just works here.
Gerd Holz Portz (Sales Manager, Art and Image)

We are satisfied here at TrendSet and fully on schedule. In terms of sales, we are at the level of the last TrendSet in the summer. Many of our regular customers come here and remain loyal to us in Munich. But we also get a lot of new customers here. The mood is generally good, even with our team, and the customer likes it here. The TrendSet and also their organization are good as always.
Christian Foitzik (Sales Manager DACH, BOLTZE Home Collections)

We are at a trade fair for the first time ever. We were brave and founded our company in the middle of the crisis in Greece. For us, however, the German market is more interesting. And we are very satisfied. The Newcomer Area of TrendSet offers us as a new, still small company a huge opportunity to present our ideas and products, to network and to make our brand known in the industry. The fair is going really well for us. We have many visitors at the stand, make contacts and already have good orders. The feedback we get from the trade here is also extremely important to us. We’ll be back!
Nopi Gaitanidou and Despina Fragiadaki (Management Decor Demon Studio) – Topic Area TrendSet Newcomer

Saturday was okay for us. We clearly notice in our area that many shops went bankrupt in the wake of the crises. Of course, we lack sales. We hope that it will get better during the year. As a trade fair, the TrendSet is always fair and good at all times. And the prices are also really moderate.
Parasco Karathanasopoulos (Managing Director Le Bijou) – Topic Area TrendSet Bijoutex

The TrendSet Fine Arts runs wonderfully. I am at a trade fair for the first time ever. The visitors here are very open and think in all directions. This is different from pure art fairs. The interest of visitors is dual, both for the private art collection and for shop and business. Great for us artists is also the mixture of exhibitors and the diversity here. With the TrendSet Fine Arts, art is brought closer, even to those who may not otherwise have so much to do with it. For example, I have already made many contacts with design studios, shops and hairdressers who want to implement and use my art concept with them. Very exciting.
Florian Hügelschäfer (Dripping Art Artist) – Topic Area TrendSet Fine Arts

The facts of TrendSet Winter 2023

TrendSet – 120. International trade fair for interiors, inspiration and lifestyle
from Saturday, 7. January to Monday, 9. January 2023
at the Messe München exhibition center
in halls A1 to A3 and B1 to B3.

Trade visitors 22,538
Exhibitors and collections 1,903
Share of international brands
Collections (exhibitors)
More than 50%
Exhibition space/exhibition area 70,000 sqm
Exhibition focal points TrendSet Interiors & Lifestyle Fair Areas

Live and give

· Furniture and lighting

· Decorations and accessories

· Furnishings & Design Objects

· Home & Textiles

· Fashion and jewellery

· Beauty & Wellness

Cook and eat

· Kitchen and tabletop

· Food and drink

Decorate & Create

· Floristry and Garden

· Christmas and Seasonals

· Gifts and fun

· Spirituals and souvenirs

Work and play

· Stationery and Papery

· Office and school

· Hobbies and toys

Three TrendSet Topic Areas · TrendSet Newcomer | Start-ups & Locals

· TrendSet Fine Arts | Contemporary Visual Arts

· TrendSet Bijoutex | Accessories

The TrendSet Summer 2023 will take place from the 15th to the 17th. July 2023.




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