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Basic knowledge of booth design and construction |

Basic knowledge of booth design and construction

As we all know, booth design and construction has always been an important issue for the exhibition officials and exhibitors. Excellent booth design is the key to the success of the exhibition for the exhibition company. An excellent publicity and perfect booth design will bring the booth to the extreme. This is also what exhibition building companies need. Today, I would like to introduce you some basic knowledge of booth design and construction that is worth knowing!

  1. What kinds of booths are there

There are two kinds of platforms, one is the standard booth and the other is the special booth. The standard booth is divided into roadside booth and corner booth, while the special booth is divided into peninsula booth and island booth.

  1. Design issues

Determine specific problems and design focus in time and emphasize efficiency.

  1. Reference

When we know the specific problems and the design focus, we can learn from the handling methods of our peers when we can no longer solve them. From the overall to the local modeling, skills, planning, production, etc., we can learn from one or two aspects of booth design and construction.

  1. Innovation

For the booth design and construction industry, there is also constant innovation. Whether it is technology or materials, there is a need for continuous innovation. Whether it is shape or structure or materials, exhibition companies must innovate. Today, if they do not advance, they will fall back.

  1. Consider for customers

The so-called customer is God. First, we should meet the customer’s requirements, which is the focus of our design. We should discuss with the customer about the purpose, focus, price, and characteristics of the exhibition.

  1. Supporting facilities

Nowadays, an exhibition stand is sometimes used for many purposes. More and more enterprises tell that the exhibition stand is used for press conferences, performance venues and other activities after the exhibition. Therefore, the design and construction of the exhibition stand are more and more professional. It must be integrated for multiple purposes, which can also reduce unnecessary expenses for customers.

Understand the above basic knowledge about booth design and construction, so that you can have a general understanding when choosing a design company or designer, which can help enterprises choose a more suitable booth design and construction company

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