The principle for booth construction?

What are the principle  for booth construction that an exhibition building company should follow for on-site construction? An excellent booth construction should have a unique set of design principles to design a booth that can satisfy customers and make consumers like it. The booth construction design is not only a product display scene, but also a reflection of the brand image. A good booth construction can better attract users and bring more transformation. Now let’s follow the stand construction company to understand the principles followed by the German stand construction company.

  1. Publicize benefits rather than technical indicators.

Exhibits should be displayed around their needs and problems. Don’t use lengthy technical presentations to promote many products to customers. If your product is the fastest, quietest, most durable, or most economical on the market, you must speak out directly. Specific technical data can be specified in the product description data.


  1. Clarify the business scope of the company

Don’t think that people can know your business scope just by your company name. Therefore, if your company is not a household name, or your presentation does not clearly explain your business scope, you should clearly express it in a special graphic form.


  1. Make sure the text is easy to read

The text should be placed at the height of the audience’s eyes or higher. Large fonts are easier to read than all uppercase fonts; If the text is long, try to use short sentences, paragraphs, and loose fonts.


  1. Functional service

Before considering the design of the booth, you should first define the functions required for booth construction: what exhibits should be displayed? How many viewers are expected to attract? Is it necessary to set up an information desk, a demonstration area, a leisure area, or an office area? How much storage space do you need?


  1. The booth construction design should conform to the company’s image

Booth construction is the specific embodiment of the company’s image, so you should carefully consider the information you need to express and clearly convey it to the designer. Exhibitors who need to arrange their booths need to pay special attention to the design of patterns. Finally, cheap decorative materials often damage the company’s professional image.


  1. Don’t deliberately guide the flow of people

Freedom of walking is one of the basic principles of excellent booth construction. If you deliberately control the flow of people around the booth, you may ignore the more important goal – to communicate with customers.


  1. Avoid psychological barriers

The wider the booth, the easier it is to attract visitors. Desktop design is often prone to psychological barriers, which should be avoided as far as possible.


  1. Stimulate interest with dynamics

The dynamic exhibits of booth construction are more eye-catching than the static exhibits. If your products or services cannot be displayed on site, you should try to create other forms of dynamic effects for the booth.


  1. Increase the visibility of height

High level booths can attract distant audiences, and it is not necessarily expensive to increase the height of booths. At the same time, some positions of the advanced booth may also allow the audience to look down on you from a high place. In short, all design elements should be used to maximize the attraction of the booth.

The principle for booth construction?

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