General knowledge points for booth construction

General knowledge points for booth construction

1.Regulations on booth and height limit: the exhibition has restrictions on exhibits and shelves, generally height limit. In particular, the outward extended structures such as double deck booths, stairs and booth tops are more restrictive, and height restrictions are often not prohibited. If you can pass the relevant procedures and meet the technical standards. The exhibition will allow you to build booth at super high level. Opening restrictions: many exhibitions prohibit fully closed booths. If the booths are closed, the exhibition will lose its meaning and visitors will have an unfriendly experience. However, some exhibitors need to close their offices, negotiation rooms, warehouses, etc. In this regard, we can generally coordinate with the relevant personnel of the exhibition and open a certain proportion of open areas to reserve 20% – 30% of private space.


2.Restrictions on exhibition stand construction materials: In most exhibition cities, the exhibition stipulates that materials that have been treated with fire protection must be used, and the use of plastics and hazardous chemicals is restricted. Regulations on hazardous electrical appliances: In most exhibition cities, there are strict regulations on electrical appliances, and the technical indicators of electrical appliances used must comply with local regulations and requirements.



3.Regulations on the flow of people at exhibition booths. Corridor restrictions: mainly restrict the width of the walkway and the regulations of the exhibition on the walkway. The exhibition stipulates the width of the walkway, limiting the booth, props and works of the exhibitors to occupy the walkway, to ensure smooth flow of people. Electrical appliances and retail goods often cause blockage. Therefore, the exhibition has issued some regulations, such as large electrical appliances must not face the walkway, and the counter must be a certain distance from the walkway.


4.Regulations on fire protection of booth construction. Regulations on fire protection environment: generally, for large area booths, large area booths must be equipped with emergency exits and signs according to the exhibition hall area and the expected number of visitors according to relevant standards. Regulations on fire-fighting equipment: fire-fighting equipment must be provided. Regulations on personnel: A few places require the exhibition booth to designate professional firefighters and will require the person in charge of the booth, reception, and relevant staff to know about the fire regulations and emergency exits.


5.Regulations on booth arrangement. It mainly refers to excessively high and heavy exhibits. If appropriate measures are taken, these problems can be solved, such as height limitation. If the height of the exhibition hall is enough, it can be negotiated with the exhibitors. Overweight exhibits generally use ground support to disperse unit load. It is often difficult to solve the problem of the size of the unloading door of the exhibition hall, which cannot be changed. In order not to affect the entry of exhibits, heavy exhibits are generally better than other exhibits. Of course, there will be some other problems. If we communicate with the exhibitors as soon as possible, we can get a proper solution.


6.Regulations on booth environment. Volume limit: The background music is arranged by the exhibition organizer, and the volume of the exhibitors’ audio-visual equipment must be controlled within the range that does not affect the surrounding exhibitors. Color limitation: If the exhibition organizers want to achieve coordination effect, they often put forward color requirements. The exhibitor is required to use a certain basic color or title color. Exhibitors can generally design booth shapes, place exhibits, and use colors at will. The exhibition may also propose the font and size of the title, which are mostly loose. If the exhibitors abide by the regulations and do not interfere with the surrounding booths (such as too much noise), there is no problem.

7. Regulations on booth construction workers. It is stipulated in many exhibition halls that workers entering the exhibition hall to build booths must apply for construction permits in advance. Workers without construction certificates are not allowed to enter the site for construction.

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