What are the types of exhibition decoration?

The exhibition time of most exhibitions is limited by time and season. Generally, they are short-term exhibitions. The contents involved in the exhibition include many aspects. For different purposes of the booth, the decoration types of the booth are also divided into several types. Now let’s follow us to learn about the five types of booth decoration.

  1. Exhibition of tourist attractions

The booth decoration is only suitable for the display design when tourists are visiting, to create a visual sense of publicity in the tourism or scenic spots. The information displayed includes guide maps, road signs and advertising.


  1. Museum display

The design has the characteristics of long-term and relatively fixed. It usually displays historical relics or some documents and works of art. The contents displayed generally have some important traces of historical development or commemorative significance.


  1. Festival etiquette display

Some of the booth decoration is also needed in festival celebrations or some etiquette activities, and the design of space environment should also be considered. Generally, this type of booth has strict requirements on the display space environment and three-dimensional design. The logo of the emblem, the shadow lamp flag and the flower bed landscape should be included.


  1. Shopping environment

This design is mainly used for the display of shopping malls, supermarkets, and other places, as well as the overall commercial sales areas such as the sales area. In the design, the traffic demand of people is mainly considered, and on this basis, the goods are displayed. Use exhibition equipment and lights to create a shopping environment, which is convenient for customers to shop and merchants to sell.


  1. Window display

This design method is generally used by merchants to convey product information, introduce the characteristics of the product, and attract and facilitate consumers to understand and purchase the product. This method is a more prominent means of product publicity.


Different exhibitions pay attention to different booth decoration methods. The designers should not pay attention to the characteristics of some aspects in the design process. We should adjust measures to local conditions, according to the location and needs of the booth layout and the characteristics of visitors and combine the design to achieve the desired effect.

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