AGROEXPO-International Agriculture, Greenhouse and Livestock Exhibition

Agroexpo is Turkey’s largest and one of Europe’s four largest Agriculture Fair.This is the opportunity to meet on the same platform with world leaders in the agricultural sector and to see important companies from the domestic and international sectors together in a global platform in your own country.

People easy access to the product that you are searching with its substitutions among plenty of varities, and to select the best option by having the advantage of comparing the properties of the products.At the same time, attain the future with new technology, new method and new products, create opportunities to precluding rivals by providing information share.

Provide opportunity to establish new business connections by providing meeting between exhibitors and domestic and foreign companies who are willing to make investment on the stated sectors.

Sure,people can providing an opportunity to introduce people, companies, products and services to insitutions, organizations and companies participating in the fair.

Industry sector: Agriculture, forestry, fisheries, livestock, veterinary medicine (industry 49)
Main product group: Agriculture, Agricultural Machinery, Green Houses, Technologies, Livestock Farming, Agrotechnology, Feeding Stuff, Tractors
Access: Trade visitors and general public

1-5 February 2023

Interval: annually


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