Moscow city organization VOIR and the International Innovation Club "Archimedes" invites you to take part in collective exhibitions of Russian inventors and innovators on innovative events abroad - salons, exhibitions, festivals and shows.

Participation in these activities will allow you to not only showcase the development in innovation and gain international recognition, but also to find investors and partners, to sign contracts and licensing agreements.

Each event is represented by its own unique because they are held in different, sometimes very far apart locations of the Eurasian continent. Events are attended by specialists, investors, stakeholders. Events are always accompanied by a business program.

Given that for each product and technology has its own strategic directions of development and expansion of markets, we offer you a wide choice of the most promising for you and your products (technology) in the region, as well as forms of participation (full-time / part-time).


Technologies, Inventions, Innovations (industry 78), Trade Fairs for Capital Goods (industry 02)

MAIN PRODUCT GROUP: Technologies, Inventions, Robotics

ACCESS: Trade visitors ,private visitors are allowed on special days/times


March 2023

Interval: annually


Innov Expo LLC