ASD MARKETWeek Trade Shows

With the return of key vendors and the reimagined all-in-one shopping experience, you’ll see ASD Market Week in a whole new way. Get an up-close look at high-margin products that will pop off your shelves and boost your profits – it’s everything you’ve been waiting for.

ASD Market Week is still the most comprehensive trade show for consumer merchandise in the U.S. Retailers and distributors of all sizes will find that the show floor is filled with quality choices at every wholesale price point.

Whether you have an online store, a brick-and-mortar business – or both, ASD is truly the wholesale buying event that can’t be missed for any small-to -arge sized retail, e-commerce, distribution, or importing business.



Capitalize on Pent-Up Demand – With a pent-up demand like never before, buyers are looking for new lines, and they’re ready to buy. Capitalize on guaranteed demand by connecting with buyers and showcasing your most profitable products.

Meet New Buyers – Now, more than ever, buyers are craving everything new – and looking to you to diversify their mix with products from every category and styles capturing today’s trends.

Restore Connections – Serious buyers are seriously ready to get back to business as they reconnect with their long-time partners. Reengage buyers with product debuts as they return in search of eye-catching core products and impulse and point-of-purchase sales to restock and reinvigorate their stores.

Industry sector: Trade Fairs for Consumer Goods (industry 03)
Main product group: Camping Accessories, Gifts, Handbags, Toys, Christmas Articles, Sporting Goods, Jewellery, Car Accessories, Apparel (Garment), Household Articles, Tools
Access: Trade visitors

February 26 – March 1, 2023

August 2023

Interval: two times annually


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