ASME Turbo Expo-Turbine Technical Conference & Exposition

The need for zero-emissions is molding the future energy panorama. This year's ASME Turbo Expo Conference in Rotterdam, The Netherlands June 13-17, 2022 aims to accelerate the transition of the energy and propulsion sector to meet a carbon-neutral future by 2050.

Top experts and decision-makers will gather in-person to exchange ideas and experiences to develop and discuss implementation of safe, reliable carbon neutral solutions while shaping the future of the turbomachinery industry. Turbo Expo will serve as a synergetic platform for government, academic, research, and industry professionals to discuss multidisciplinary approaches for decarbonization.

The 5-day conference and 3-day exhibition will include hundreds of live presenting authors during the event as well as recorded video presentations on demand, exhibiting professionals representing gas turbine companies ready to share their products and services, a student poster competition showcasing rising turbomachinery engineers, and a networking event celebrating women in turbomachinery.

DATE: Conference: June 13 – 17, 2022    Exhibition: June 14 – 16, 2022

INDUSTRY SECTOR: Trade Fairs for Capital Goods (industry 02)

MAIN PRODUCT GROUP: Turbines, Accessories, Technologies, Software, Services, Pumps



Interval: annually at different venues


ASME International Gas Turbine Institute & ASME American Society of Mechanical Engineers