Bio-Europe Spring-Biotechnology Conference and Exhibition

It’s time once again to network and facilitate partnerships face-to-face at the premier springtime event for the life science industry.

Over the last year, they launched this new way of partnering in the digital world and discovered its remarkable effectiveness in bringing the international life science community together to partner from anywhere in the world.

BIO-Europe Spring attracts a wide range of business leaders, including senior executives of leading biotech companies, business development teams from large and midsize pharmaceutical companies, investors and other industry experts.

By marrying the best of the past with the new present, we are offering you two ways to attend, in-person and digitally with the All-Access Pass or digitally with the Digital Access Pass.

Whether you toast to building partnerships face-to-face or via screen-to-screen come next spring, join your peers in life science for a global dealmaking event like no other.


Event ticket single trip for a specific train (limited tickets)

first-class: 80,90 €

second class: 49,50 €

Event ticket single trip completely flexible

first-class: 98,90 €

second class: 67,50 €

INDUSTRY SECTOR: Laboratory Technology, Biotechnology (industry 64)

MAIN PRODUCT GROUP: Biotechnology, Biotechnological Products

ACCESS: General public


March 2023 (not yet determined)

Interval: annually at different venues


EBD Group Inc. & Informa Connect