BLECHEXPO – International Trade Fair for Sheet Metal Working with Schweisstec – International Trade Fair for Joining Technology

Blechexpo is the international trade fair for sheet metal working, which takes place every two years in Stuttgart. The fair founded in 1994 as Südblech has been renamed in 2005 as Blechexpo and since then it has established itself internationally. Since its inception, the fair will be held in conjunction with the Schweisstec, the international trade fair for joining technology, making it the world's only event that is dedicated to both complementary technologies, sheet metal working and joining technology.

Due to this fact the entire process chain of cold forming sheet metal working and related mechanical and thermal technology for cutting, joining and bonding is shown, including all relevant technologies, machines, equipments, peripherals, operating aids and C techniques. The fair is open to trade visitors only and invites all experts of the design of sheet metal parts, sheet metal assemblies and devices, to manufacturing, finishing and parts cleaning before surface treatment. In addition, the Blechexpo is not only a procurement platform, but also information and communication center for research, education, training and vocational ecucation system. The exhibition is accompanied by the Coilex, the technology park for the production of mechatronic components.

The 15th Blechexpo takes place on 4 days from Tue., 26.10.2021 to Fri., 29.10.2021 in Stuttgart.

Product groups: Sheet metal processing, environmental technology, handling technology, cutting technology, joining technology, forming tools, joining technology, compressed air tools, power tools, sheet metal semi-finished products, sheet metal processing, hybrid technology, quality assurance, pipe processing

Industry sector: Metalworking and processing, welding technology




Intervel: every two years


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