CEDE-Central European Dental Exhibition

CEDE is the oldest dental exhibition in Poland (since 1991). The participants of the CEDE exhibition and the educational part are representatives of all professional groups connected with dentistry: ♦ dentists (60.43%) ♦ dental technicians (4.75%) ♦ dental hygienists (8.25%) ♦ dental assistants (4%) ♦ medical managers (3.83%) ♦ manufacturers and distributors (80.88%).

For visitors:

1.Modern EXPO Łódź trade fair venue in the centre of Poland;

2.Offer of the most significant producers and distributors in one place;

3.A practical workshop-based educational programme;

4.Integration events with lots of humour and dancing.

For exhibitors:

1.Attractive start-up packages (booth & promotion);

2.Opportunity to implement your own educational projects;

3.New projects: "30 Years of CEDE Magazine", "30 Faces of CEDE" Gala, Patient’s Area etc.

INDUSTRY SECTORDental Medicine, Dental Technology (industry 20)


Dental Instruments, Dental Medicine, Dentist's Medical Equipment, Technical Equipment for Dentists

ACCESSGeneral public

22-24 September 2022

September 2023

Interval: annually


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