The new AUTUMN FAIR – International trade fair for consumer and investment goods from trade, commerce, industry and agriculture

Unique shopping experiences for the whole family

“Sweetheart, pack di zsam - gemma for the autumn mass!” This is what it will sound like again in the Carinthian living room from September 15th to 19th. Because it is finally back: the HERBSTMESSE KLAGENFURT with unique shopping experiences for the whole family. Among other things, there will be a great opening show with child prodigy Elias Keller and this year the Gaudepark will take place for the first time over 17 days (September 3-19, 2021).

Anyone who longs for a pleasurable shopping experience with Alpine-Adriatic flair after a long absence from the trade fair will be royally rewarded for waiting from September 15 to 19, 2021. The HERBSTMESSE KLAGENFURT has a unique mix of new products, entertaining shows and trade fair highlights ready for its visitors this year. This year you can immerse yourself in five themed worlds on the extensive exhibition grounds with a total of 50,000 square meters of exhibition space.


Main Sectors: Building, living, interior design, household, health, agriculture, nutrition, clothing, pet supplies

Dates: 15.09.-19.09.2021,   14.09.-18.09.2022



Interval: annually


Klagenfurter Messe Betriebsgesellschaft mbH