Donau-Ries-Ausstellung – Regional consumer exhibition

Welcome to the DONAURIES exhibition in Donauwörth 2022

DONAURIES exhibition - the direct line to your target group

With the DONAURIES exhibition, the district of Donau-Ries has created a medium through which primarily local companies can represent themselves. The topics of craftsmanship and building are of particular importance. But the exhibition is also a unique platform for external communication for clubs and cultural and charitable institutions in the region.

The international flair at the DONAURIES exhibition should be emphasized, which is mainly due to the presence of the partner municipalities of the various municipalities in the district, which are scattered all over the world. The exhibition, which is now one of the largest regional exhibitions in Bavaria, can always come up with an enormous number of special shows.

Industry sector

General Trade Fairs for Consumers (industry 04)

Main product group

Building and Construction, Living, Craftmen's Equipment, Housekeeping, Nourishment, Apparel (Garment), Leisure, Health, Energy Management


General public


August 2026

Interval: every four years

Organiser:Messe- und Ausstellungsorganisation JWS GmbH