At a time when consumers are (re)awakening to the need for more responsible, ecological, sustainable products and services, brands are becoming aware that they are evaluated according to their impact on the environment, living well, social equity, the common good, inclusion and so on. The more they care about the planet and quality of life, the more they increase their customers’ commitment and attract the attention of their prospects.

The entire Weyou Group team is pleased and proud to announce that Workspace Expo, The first “traditional” trade show of the year, is the only European trade show in its sector, since the beginning of the pandemic, to open with +20% of exhibitors and a visitor base quantitatively equivalent to that of 2019, i.e. nearly 18,000 qualified visitors.


March 29th from 9am to 6pm

March 30th from 9am to 6pm

March 31st from 9am to 5pm

INDUSTRY SECTOR: Advertising, Marketing, Franchising (industry 94)

MAIN PRODUCT GROUP: Advertising, Digital technique, Marketing

ACCESS: Trade visitors


Interval: annually


Weyou Group