Educational Siberia (formerly UchSib)

The exhibition of educational organizations, literature and equipment for the educational process "Educational Siberia - 2022" gives the participants the opportunity to:

- to submit a pedagogical project for the "Gold Medal" competition, which will allow:

get an external assessment of the quality of teaching activities;

fulfill the requirements for teaching staff for passing certification (participation in competitions of professional skills, broadcasting the experience of the results of teaching activities);

develop professional competencies that are specified in the Professional Standard for a teacher;

receive an award and recognition from colleagues.

- present your educational institution to schoolchildren and parents who are interested in choosing a higher or secondary vocational educational institution;

- to increase sales of equipment, furniture and literature for the educational process through direct contact with the leaders of educational organizations.

- students in grades 9-11, applicants and their parents;

Visitors to the exhibition "Educational Siberia":

- teachers and directors of educational institutions who are interested in getting to know the best educational practices, as well as exchange experiences with colleagues and maintain professional contacts that can be useful to potential exhibitors;

- heads of educational organizations interested in choosing equipment, furniture, educational literature, as well as in direct contact with suppliers.


March 23-24: 10.00 - 17.00

March 25:   10.00 - 13.00


Teaching and Learning Aids, Further and Continuing Education, Business Start-up, Human Resources Development (industry 52)


Teaching Aids, Educational Aids, Training Facilities, Furniture, Furnishings, School Equipment

ACCESS: General public


March 2023

Interval: annually



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