EGX Birmingham

DATE - London, UK - Off the back of a successful in-person event this October, the UK’s largest games trade fair will be returning for two events in 2022 – EGX Birmingham (formerly EGX Rezzed) on 4th-6th March 2022 and EGX London on 22-25 September, both in partnership with Virgin Media.

This year’s EGX was a very special event for fans and developers alike, bringing the video games community back together for their first in-person event since 2019. New partnerships and zones allowed for a more interactive experience, as gamers not only got a sneak peak at some hotly anticipated games, but also came together to do what they love best.

EGX aims to keep players and their experience at the centre of events, allowing fans and developers to continue coming together, celebrating the games community and creating unforgettable memories.

Following fan feedback from Birmingham’s large, passionate gaming community, EGX has made the decision to return to the region in 2022 under a new name - EGX Birmingham. This show will lean on expanding the Rezzed Zone, with all the beloved indie games that EGX Rezzed traditionally delivers, but will also meet the need for AAA publishers to showcase spring releases.

INDUSTRY SECTOR: Toys, Games, Computer Games (industry 73), Consumer Electronics, Multimedia (industry 87)

MAIN PRODUCT GROUP: Computer Games, Video Games, Computer Hardware, Software

ACCESS: Trade visitors and general public




NEW DATE: March 2023

October 2023(London)

Interval: two times annually


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