Experience Power (formerly Electric Power)

Experience POWER attracts over 1,000 decision-makers across traditional central power stations and grid infrastructure to distributed energy resources and the hydrogen economy. These attendees will be walking the exhibit floor each day looking for new products, services, and technologies to help them manage the global energy transition to cleaner power sources, respond quickly during power outages while providing a reliable power source, maintain safe and efficient work environments, and the tools to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

Experience POWER will deliver real-world, actionable content and case studies that will arm you with tactics for immediate implementation to make your facility and infrastructure more resilient, more reliable, and more profitable.It also connects you with the right people to achieve the market share required to make a profit and have explosive growth in power generation.

INDUSTRY SECTOR: Energy (conventional and renewable) (industry 23)

MAIN PRODUCT GROUP: Energy Generation, Alternative Energy, renewable energies

ACCESS: Trade visitors


October 2023 (not yet determined)

Interval: annually at different venues


ELECTRIC POWER c/o The TradeFair Group