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The role of VR technology in exhibition design
I don't know if you have found it. Now many large exhibition construction companies like to use VR technology in exhibition design very much. During the exhibition process, due to the lack of interactive mode, too conservative and insufficient innovation, virtual reality technology can effectively solve this problem and bring people a unique experience. When participating in the exhibition and displaying exhibits, it is through the presentation of various information to promote sales. VR tec

Do you know the skills of building these exhibition halls?
Now many enterprises are participating in the exhibition, but good exhibition design can really bring visual happiness and make people have a new understanding of the booth, so people can visit and consult the booth to create more economic benefits. So what are the skills of exhibition hall design and construction? I'll summarize it for you today. If you are interested, you can have a look together.the skills of building 1、 The theme of the exhibition hall should be clear

Inventory the best performance of exhibition digitization| cleaning
Nowadays, in this era of rapid development of high technology, no matter which industry, many scientific and technological elements are integrated, especially in the exhibition industry. Shanghai exhibition company has rich experience in exhibition, so let's share with you the best manifestations of digital exhibition and see what advanced equipment can be seen in digital exhibition?exhibition cleaning 1、 Magic eBook Almost everyone has read e-books, but not everyon

exhibition translation should be paid attention to in the visual presentation of online exhibition hall?
With the continuous development of digital exhibition hall, now everyone can see that the pace of online exhibition hall is faster and faster. One day, we can realize all the work of online exhibition hall. During the design process of online exhibition hall, we should know that visual experience is the most important place for visitors, so let's talk about how to ensure the best visual presentation effect and what problems should be paid attention to.exhibition translation 1、 Exc

Why should enterprises build exhibitions? Here comes the secret!
Maybe some novices don't know the purpose of enterprises participating in the exhibition. They think that the business of enterprises is very good now. Why bother in the exhibition? It sounds like some trouble to build the exhibition before attending the exhibition. In fact, it is a really smart choice for enterprises to participate in the exhibition. Exhibition part-time work Let's talk about the specific reasons. Reason 1: promo

What is the most important thing in the booth construction company's design exhibition hall?
The booth designed by the booth construction company is not only to systematize simple things and good spatial layout, which can bring people different experiences. It should be fully arranged from the perspective of customers. Therefore, the customer experience is also the key to the success of the booth. A successful booth contains all the contents you want customers to see, including corporate image, qualification, organizational structure, corporate civilization concept, products, ex

Matters needing attention in booth construction Work? Exhibition part-time work
Due to the increasing influence of the booth, the booth construction companies are also gradually increasing. The quality of booth construction is mixed, and some work can not be guaranteed, especially the on-site construction is very important. The preparation time of the trade show is very short, but the preparation time of the exhibition is even shorter. Therefore, we should cooperate more when building the exhibition booth, and pay attention to each link closely, so that the function of the

What details need to in booth construction design?exhibition cleaning
The unique German exhibition design enables you to greatly strengthen the brand image and in-depth communication of the enterprise during the viewing process of the exhibition. What should we pay attention to in booth design and production? If these details are solved, the booth effect will be better.exhibition cleaning 1、 There should be a clear publicity theme The design of exhibition stand should clearly show the theme that the enterprise needs to publicize and c


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