The EXPO trade fair is an international demonstration trade fair for machinery and equipment for the mining industry, the processing industry and the construction industry, and is a completely unique event of its kind in the Czech Republic. Figures from the last year of EXPO Lesní lom 2018 can testify to the uniqueness of the fair: 134 companies presented and exhibited their exhibits on an area of over 60,000 ㎡. The exhibitors with their exhibits attracted more than 10,000 visitors. The companies had enough space here for the presentation of machines used mainly in quarries - excavators, diggers, loaders, sorters and more, but also for the demonstration of trucks. The exhibitors did not spare positive feedback and expressed their interest in participating in the next year. The EXPO trade fair will take place this time from 7 to 9 June 2022, when, after a four-year hiatus, the imaginary gates of the fair will open again.

The place of the fair remains the limestone quarry Lesní lom in Brno - Líšeň of the company Kalcit s. Thanks to its floors, the forest quarry has a sufficiently large area for exhibitors' stands, their often large machines, and above all demonstration areas for machines and equipment in operation.


Construction Technology, Materials and Equipment, Interior Fittings (industry 09), Mining, Geodesy, Geoinformation (industry 12)


Building Machines, Mining Equipment, Machines for Building Materials

ACCESS: General public

7–9 June 2022


June 2024

Interval: every two years


Mining Union/TEZEBNI UNIE s.r.o.