Feria del Mueble Zaragoza-Zaragoza Furniture Show (FMZ)

Feria de Zaragoza is one of the leading trade fair organizations in Spain and a good number of the events held are at the forefront of the international panorama of professional shows in Europe.

In a clear commitment to the furniture industry, Feria de Zaragoza works to create a scenario that brings the news and trends in furniture closer to the point of sale from the hand of the manufacturer, thanks to a direct, simple and agile format. In short, an essential event for the market.

One of the hallmarks of the fair is personalization and contact with the client through actions with delegations of national and international buyers through an agenda of interviews and common interests, which contributes to the opening of new markets abroad. All this with a single objective: to ensure that the exhibitor makes the most of his participation in the event.

It is a prestigious show that has the support of the main associations in the sector.

The functional and multipurpose venue has a total area of ​360,000 square meters, distributed in 11 pavilions of different sizes and large outdoor areas. Located at the foot of the motorway, it is accessible directly by this road from the main Spanish capitals. It is 6 km. from the city airport and 9 from the urban center.

INDUSTRY SECTOR:Furniture, Interior Design (industry 58)

MAIN PRODUCT GROUP: Furniture, Furnishings, Decorations, Lifestyle Accessories

ACCESS:Trade visitors


March 2024

Interval: every two years




Feria de Zaragoza