Foire de Lyon-Lyon International Fair

Foire de Lyon was created in the heart of what would later be called the “Great War”. To the messages which are displayed on the walls - "Do not buy the Boche products" -, the mayor of the city, Edouard Herriot, responds by creating an event capable of competing with the famous Fair of Leipzig, in Germany. A sample market that would highlight French innovations!

Even today, Foire de Lyon is the place par excellence "where to do the maximum amount of business, on the minimum of space, in the minimum of time, with the minimum of expenses", dixit Edouard Herriot, former mayor of our beautiful city! In 2016, Foire de Lyon celebrated its 100th anniversary with 212,300 visitors. A place of commerce, of course, the event is also a place of conviviality, discussion and discovery. The opportunity to glean tips for installing engineered parquet, renovating a staircase, sheltering a terrace, or even tasting organic Parmesan Reggiano, choosing a robot vacuum cleaner, seeing a pellet stove in action, or sipping a freshly ground coffee.

INDUSTRY SECTOR: Trade Fairs for Consumer Goods (industry 03)


Consumer Goods, Foodstuff, Food Processing Technology, Furniture, Interior Decoration, Applied Arts, Camping Accessories, Boats, Caravans, Household Articles, Household Utensils

ACCESS: General public

Interval: annually


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