Franchising Trade Fair is in the TOP-5 of biggest European events. It is the only business platform for franchises purchase/sale, commercial property selection and everything necessary for a startup.Franchising is the driving force of the global economy and can be a powerful impetus for domestic development.

Through July 2021, the Ukrainian economy regained its balance and returned to a path of stable growth and recovery. While COVID-19 has had global implications and Ukraine will see a slowdown in growth and GDP in 2021, experts believe that Ukraine’s economic growth will continue in 2021 driven by the increasing volume of retail trade, with more than 40 major retail projects currently underway in Kyiv. The State Statistical Service of Ukraine announced that retail sales in Ukraine averaged 5.33 % from 2007 until 2021, reaching an all-time high of 34.30 % in April of 2021.

Many international franchises currently present in the Ukrainian market have been adopted from abroad, mostly in the field of trade and services, and with a significant portion from Russia. Among the European franchise networks represented in Ukraine, most of them belong to Polish, Italian, German and French brands. There are approximately ten major American brands operating in Ukraine, representing a good opportunity for U.S. brands to expand their presence in the market.

In 2022,the trade show covers all aspects of franchise business: Ukrainian and foreign franchises, business start-up equipment, business services, commercial real estate and financing programs.

INDUSTRY SECTOR: Advertising, Marketing, Franchising (industry 94)

MAIN PRODUCT GROUP: Franchising, Licences, Insurance, Financing

ACCESS: Trade visitors


March 2023

Interval: annually


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