GreenTech-Horticulture Exhibition

GreenTech brings you to the heart of the horticulture sector

From 13-15 June 2023, they will organize GreenTech Amsterdam at RAI Amsterdam. The #1 horticulture technology platform in the Netherlands, where industry professionals from all over the world come together to connect, network, share knowledge and do business. At GreenTech event in Amsterdam, we offer visitors a complete overview of the products and services of the world’s leading companies and innovators. Stay tuned for the registration details!

With the start of GreenTech Amsterdam 2023, 13,000 horticultural professionals will divide their attention over specific areas and knowledge theatres at the show floor. Vertical Farming, Medicinal Cannabis and the latest addition Robotics/AI (Artificial Intelligence) will each have their own pavilion and it should be clear, both visitors and exhibitors can indulge themselves. On top of this, there will be a special Robot Arena, where exhibitors will have the opportunity to demonstrate their robotics live to the audience!

GreenTech Amsterdam 2023 offers the ideal platform where knowledge, technology and innovation come together. This pavilion puts the spotlight on all the latest technological developments in the field of Robotics and AI.

Join all the key market players, that are already part of pavilion Robotics/AI!


Agriculture and Forestry, Landscape Gardening, Fisheries, Livestock Farming (industry 49)


Plants, Plant Cultivation, Plant Production, Plant Protection, Green Houses, Irrigation Plants, Aerology Equipment, Drainage, Biological Horticulture, Fruit Cultivation, Heating Technology, Solar Power Equipment, Flowers, Seeds

ACCESS: Trade visitors

13-15 June 2023

Interval: annually


RAI Amsterdam