HYDRO-Internationales Symposium und technische Ausstellung für Wasserkraft

The HYDRO 2022 Technical Exhibition will showcase the most active and innovative companies in the hydropower and dams industry worldwide.

These are often planned to coincide with international events taking place in the region. Technical themes cover a broad range of disciplines, combining state-of-the-art research and technology, practical papers on civil, mechanical and electrical engineering topics, as well as policy papers. Emphasis is on best practice, in terms of safety, economy, and responsible planning with regard to environmental and social aspects.

A calendar of events keeps readers up to date with forthcoming conferences, exhibitions and training courses worldwide on water and energy, and all related topics.

At last they plan to make it to Strasbourg. The conference and exhibition are scheduled for 25 to 27 April 2022. The social and pre-conference events remain the same as were originally planned for 2020, but the technical programme has been updated and has some new topics added. We look forward to welcoming the international community. From 2023, the HYDRO Conference will resume its usual position in the year in October.


Environment and Climate Protection (industry 86), Energy (conventional and renewable) (industry 23), City Sanitation, Water Technology, Waste Disposal, Public Services (industry 45)


hydroelectric power, Pumps, Water Technology, Hydroelectric Power Plants, Water Management


April 2023(not yet determined)

Interval: annually at different venues


Hydropower & Dams, Aqua~Media International Ltd