ICCI-International Energy and Environment Fair and Conference

Having made 95 billion dollars investment, including privatization tenders in the last 15 years and having largely completed the first stage of the growth process,  Energy market has now entered the development and maturation process. This process also commenced a process of change and transformation which will ensure financial sustainability, increase liquidity and depth and give further momentum to investments.

In this context, as ICCI International Energy – Environment Fair and Conference, they concentrate  efforts to create an efficient, effective, reputable and high quality communication and event platform and maintain the contribution that we have made to the last 25 years of this growth and development process. They are proud to share with you the joy and excitement of setting the calendar of 2023 in advance for  exhibition, which combines all the elements in the market and our conference, which focuses on intellectual content, powered by the contributions of deep experience on a global scale and knowledge of the trends in the world energy market.

Our 30th event, ICCI 2023 International Energy – Environment Fair and Conference will take place in Istanbul Congress Center on March 1th – 3th, 2023. Organized with ‘change and transformation in the Energy market’ as the theme, having hosted over 15,000 visitors from 45 countries this year, ICCI will take place with ‘energy industry’ as the theme next year and will continue to create value for you with surprising innovations. Creating great synergy in the energy market with a new vision every year, we’ll be happy and it will be an honor to see you in ICCI 2023.

INDUSTRY SECTOR: Energy (conventional and renewable) (industry 23), Environment and Climate Protection (industry 86)


renewable energies, Alternative Energy, Maintenance, Environment Protection, Technologies, Consulting, Financing, Services

ACCESS: Trade visitors and general public

1-3 March 2023

Interval: annually



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