IEFT Spring-International Education Fairs of Turkey

IEFT is the leading student recruitment fair in Turkey, welcoming nearly 20,000 Turkish students to each of our semi-annual fairs.  Throughout the past 20 years, IEFT has grown to become the largest education exhibition in both Turkey and the Middle-East, with universities from more than 25 countries attending every year.  IEFT focuses solely on the Turkish Market, and therefore has built a reputation with students throughout the country through strong marketing and promotion of the IEFT events, and excellent relationships with local high schools, universities, language schools and Turkish agents.

The spring events will be similar to the regular IEFT Student fairs, taking place in Istanbul European & Asian Side, Ankara, and Izmir. The only difference will be that it won't be as crowded and packed as it was before. This is to ensure the safety of all the participant school representatives, students, parents, and organizers. During the events, organizers will take all the necessary hygiene precautions; masks, and hand sanitizers will be widely distributed, as well as cleaning stations will be implemented. Social distancing rules will be reminded through regular intervals as well as upon entry. The school meets the potential students at the fairs and recruits the students right away. If the school will not be present at the fair, they can work with their agent and recruit the students through agents.


Teaching and Learning Aids, Further and Continuing Education, Business Start-up, Human Resources Development (industry 52)

MAIN PRODUCT GROUP: Training, Supplementary Education, Training Institutes, Linguistic

ACCESS: General public


October 2022

Interval: two times annually


IEFT - International Education Fairs of Turkey