Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg

Internationale Kulturbörse Freiburg-Trade Fair for Stage Productions and Music.They are in the middle of the preparations for the 35th IKF, which will take place from 22.-25-. January 2023 will take place live on the grounds of Messe Freiburg.

In the meantime, the jury meetings for the areas of music and performing arts have already taken place. The jury for street theater will meet at the end of September. In the coming weeks they will publish the short appearance program here little by little.

A special feature of the Freiburg International Culture Exchange has always been that it was a very intensive industry meeting for its visitors, which some people even affectionately refer to as a “class reunion”. One of the strengths of the IKF lies in the encounters between people, which are planned at times, but occasionally also happen by chance. Sure, in the meantime there are corresponding software offers that can also be used for chance encounters online and we will also provide some offers for our visitors to use online at the 35th IKF - but none of this can replace this feeling of coming together live on site. This is one of the great advantages that a face-to-face fair can offer its visitors.

Industry sector:Music (Instruments, Licences) (industry 59), Trade Fairs, Congresses and Events, Event and Stage Technology (industry 60)
Main product group:Cultural Activities, Installations for Theatre Stages, Art, Event-Marketing, Services, agency, Lighting Technology, Acoustics Technology, Decorations, Events, Lighting Technology, Music Publishers, New Media, Technical Items for Events, Conjuring Tricks, Magazines, Artist Supplies
AccessTrade visitors, private visitors are allowed on special days/times


Interval: annually



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