KreaDoe-Exhibition on Materials for Creative Activities

KreaDoe is the largest creative DIY event that you want to attend as an exhibitor. More than thousands of hobbyists gather here every year. On KreaDoe you give your products a big sales boost! Show your collection, give a workshop, inform visitors about the latest trends, techniques and provide inspiration. From crocheting, knitting, making jewelry, home decor, lettering, baking cakes & cupcakes to drawing and painting and much more!

What can you expect?

  • Replenish your stock with the latest materials
  • Learn more about (sustainable) hobbies
  • Participate in workshops
  • Get plenty of creative inspiration
  • Meet your favorite influencers
  • And much more
Industry sector: Crafting, DIY, Collecting (industry 31)
Main product group:Needlework, Needlework Materials, Needlework Utensils, Amateur Handicraft Articles, Do-it-Yourself Equipment
Access:General public



October 2023

Interval: annually