MAIN ST.-Fort Worth Arts Festival

We’re so glad to be returning! The 35th edition of the MAIN ST. Fort Worth Arts Festival will return April 7-10, 2022. Please mark your calendars!

With new entertainment venues and over 200 juried artists from the local, regional and national areas, the MAIN ST. Fort Worth Arts Festival will resume along the red bricks of Main Street in Downtown Fort Worth. Join us!

In addition ,long a fixture in the Fort Worth arts scene, and associated with MAIN ST. in particular, Gregory Story begins his Modern Clay Farewell Tour with a specially designed Commemorative Poster for MAIN ST. 2020, which will be carried over and available during our restart year in 2022.

For this poster Mr. Story created a series of unique and colorful ceramic tiles featuring the iconic Tarrant County Courthouse.

Designed by Pinkerton Design, and printed by Cockrell Enovation on Mohawk Options cover paper stock, courtesy of Olmsted Kirk Paper Company, the 20×28″ poster is now available online. Available signed or unsigned, it ships in a sturdy packing tube.

INDUSTRY SECTOR: Arts, Antiques (industry 46)


Art, painting, Ceramic Decorative Articles, Photographies, Wood Craft, Glass Products, Jewellery

ACCESS: General public

APRIL 7 - 10, 2022

April 2023

Interval: annually


Downtown Fort Worth, Inc.