Markt des guten Geschmacks

The market of good taste in Stuttgart is the successful leading fair of Slow Food Germany. For four days, the focus here is on regional, sustainable and artisanal foods. The joy of cooking and conscious enjoyment as well as the appreciation of food cultures are the main pillars of the fair. The visitors meet personally with producers and food artisans who remain anonymous in everyday consumer life. Only exhibitors who submit to Slow Food's high quality criteria according to the principle of “good, clean, fair” are admitted to the fair. Bread and cereal products, dairy products, fruit & vegetables, fish, ham & sausage products, delicatessen, oils, vinegars & herbs and confectionery are only represented in the best quality.

In 2019, the "Market of Good Taste - the Slow Food Fair" took place for the thirteenth time as part of the Stuttgart spring fairs. A total of 92,000 visitors came to the Stuttgart exhibition center during the four days of the fair to visit the ten parallel trade fairs.

The "Market of Good Taste - the Slow Food Fair" is a fair for consumers and trade visitors. Here consumers become co-producers. It is also a platform for farmers, food producers and restaurateurs who put the Slow Food triad “good, clean, fair” into practice as a principle of their company philosophy. The fair has long been firmly established as the leading fair for Slow Food Germany, both among sensual connoisseurs and critical consumers with nutritional and environmental awareness.

All products on display pass the strict Slow Food quality inspection. This requires production using traditional craft methods, the omission of almost all additives and sustainable protection of the environment. A big challenge! Because the natural processing of natural raw materials requires special craftsmanship, long experience, extensive knowledge and love for the product from the producer.

Come with us on an extraordinary pleasure trip. Discover the impressive variety of regional specialties. Experience the unadulterated taste and individuality of handcrafted products. Meet the producers of your food personally and immerse yourself in the philosophy of Slow Food.

INDUSTRY SECTOR: Food, Beverage and Luxury Foodstuff (industry 24)


Cereals, Bakery Products, Pastes, Meat Products, Sausages, Fish, Seafood, Fruits, Vegetables, Dairy Products, Beverages, Delicatessen Foods, Delicacies, Sweets, Professional Literature, Cooking Utensils, Kitchen Furniture

ACCESS: General public


Interval: annually




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