22nd Specialized Exhibition of Technologies and Equipment for Mechanical Engineering, Metalworking Industry and Welding Engineering

The «Metalwork. Welding — Ural» exhibition constitutes a meeting place for machine builders and industrialists of the regions of Large Ural. The project annually provides a complete picture of the industry current state of affairs as well as constitutes a platform for communication between specialists, scientists and government officials.

The «Metalwork. Welding — Ural» – 2022 exposition shall include:products of (B2B) engineering enterprises;new and used metalworking equipment;welding equipment and materials...

The results of the «Metalwork. Welding — 2021» exhibition:

150 companies from 50 russian cities;

2700 specialists from 77 Russian cities visited the exhibition. More than 75% of participantsare top managers and chief specialists;

87% of participants recommended visiting the exhibition to their colleagues;

The total weight of the equipment presented was more than 100 tons.


Metalworking, Welding Technology (industry 57), Hardware, Tools (industry 21)

MAIN PRODUCT GROUP: Metal Goods, Metalworking Machinery, Tools, Welding Technology

ACCESS: Trade visitors


March 2023

Interval: annually


Permskaya Yarmarka