MIA Photo Fair-The International Photography and Moving Image Art Fair

MIA Fair, conceived in 2011 from an idea of Fabio Castelli, is the most important art fair dedicated to photography in Italy. MIA Fair offers a unique approch by presenting Solo Show and Group Show with a specific curatorial project. MIA Fair was created with the aim of highlighting the transverse role that photography has come to play between the languages of expression of the contemporary art system.

MIA Fair provides a rich cultural program, with events and conferences dedicated to the world of art and photography, which aims to support a conscious collectors with insights and important guests in the Italian and international art scene.

MIA Fair offers the possibility to art collectors to enjoy a lively and innovative art event, experiencing a unique view in Italy on the photography art market, ranging from established to emerging artists. MIA Fair has achieved the result of creating a new collectors’ base which approaches contemporary art through the collection of photography.

In 2021,90 galleries coming from 16 different countries attended the tenth edition of MIA Fair; alongside them other 50 exhibitors, divided into 13 specialized editors, 9 media partners, 5 exhibitions, 17 conferences and 5 awards, bringing the total number of exhibitors to 140, within an exhibition area of 7.000 sq. mt.These are the figures and activities of MIA Fair 2021, the fair dedicated to photography directed by Fabio Castelli and Lorenza Castelli at SUPERSTUDIO MAXI – Via Moncucco 35, Milan.

INDUSTRY SECTOR: Arts, Antiques (industry 46)

MAIN PRODUCT GROUP: Art, Photographies

ACCESS:General public

23-26 MARCH 2023

Interval: annually