Mineral & Gem – International Mineral & Gem Show

Mineral & Gem - International Mineral & Gem Show

A gigantic village of tents and halls dedicated to the treasures of the earth and the precious, 1,500 professionals and experts from 53 countries and more than 500 people at the service of visitors to ensure this exceptional event in Europe.

Organize the reception and installation of more than 1,500 professionals, international communication to a professional target covering Europe and extending from the United States to China via Korea and Russia, set up more than thirty activities, raise awareness of the Mineral & Gem universe among new audiences (future customers) and, above all, allow everyone to spend a wonderful frendly-business moment in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines.

Because of the internationality of its exhibitors, buyers, visitors, speakers and its economic and cultural influence, Mineral & Gem is naturally international! The vast majority of buyers, traders and professional visitors who visit Mineral & Gem are European. A significant number of them are American, Asian or African... Customers of our exhibitors, they are the keystone of the event. Very specialized (wholesalers, retailers, collectors, scientists) they come to Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines to formalize negotiations essential to their activities. Hundreds of applications from exhibitors from all over the world are reviewed each year to maintain the required level of quality. At the same time, eminent international specialists are welcomed to help create an exceptional cultural offer.

Mineral & Gem's growing notoriety in fields directly or indirectly related to mineral is largely reinforced today by the interest of the specialized press worldwide and its representation at all international trade shows. It is also constantly strengthened by partnerships with eminent French and foreign institutions (National Museums, Universities, Scientific Institutes).

Product groups: Minerals, Precious Stones, Fossilias, Jewellery

Industry sector: Gifts, Watches & Clocks, Jewelry, Crafts, Special Occasion Party Items

Access: Trade visitors
* private visitors are allowed on special days/times



Sainte Marie-Aux-Mines

Dans La VilleSainte-Marie-aux-Mines


22/06/ - 26/06/ 2022

Interval: annually


Ville de Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines/ Mineral & Gem