mobil³-Regional Consumer Exhibition of car + motorcycle + bicycle

Mobility has many facets. Therefore the MOBIL³ 2023 will be different and new and better! The MOBIL³ in the Chemnitz trade fair is the only mobility fair in Saxony that combines the topics of cars, motorcycles, bicycles and the mobility of the future in one fair. From attractive hands-on activities to expert knowledge in specialist lectures, there is a lot to discover on the exhibition grounds on March 18 and 19, 2023. From 2023 they will break new ground with an attractive design concept. With open presentation and consultation areas, they create completely new spaces for our visitors.

Together with the Chemnitz bicycle fair , which is taking place at the same time , the MOBIL³ will be a comprehensive sales show for cars, bicycles, motorcycles and many other areas of mobility.

In addition to a coherent catering, visitors will have countless opportunities to experience activities and show elements. Mobility enthusiasts can get involved, from the course on an indoor and outdoor track with elements of skill, to contests, meet & greet, test drives and a large range of games and handicrafts, including running bike races.

HOURS: March 18-19, 2023, 10 a.m. - 6 p.m.


Vehicles (Cars, Commercial Vehicles, Motorcycles, Caravans, Parts and Accessories) (industry 28), Sporting Goods (industry 74), Leisure, Hobby, DIY (industry 31)


Buses, Car Equipment, Automotive Parts, Car Tuning, Car Accessories, Car Audio, Services, Electric Vehicles, Vehicles, Bicycles, Car Lacquer Coating, Car Service, Financing, Motor Vehicles, Light Motor Cycles, Motorized Bicycles, Motorcycles, Motor Scooters, Utility Vehicles, Cars, Racing Sports Bicycles, Transport Vehicles, Accessories

ACCESS: General public

18-19 March 2023

Interval: annually


C³ Chemnitzer Veranstaltungszentren GmbH c/o Messe Chemnitz