modell-hobby-spiel is Germany's most-visited consumer fair for model building and technique, model trains, creative design, crafts and games. This fair guarantees many hours of fun - whether at board games, creative workshops, the miniature world of cars, planes, ships, trains or with robots.

modell-hobby-spiel is taking place for the 26th time in 2022.

There were 106,000 visitors (FKM-verified) plus approx. 9,000 children under the age of 7 as further purchase decision-makers in 2013. During the event itself, 93% of all exhibitors had already decided to take part again. 92% of exhibitors stated that they had achieved their aims and 94% of exhibitors would recommend modell-hobby-spiel to others.Over 600 exhibitors present new products, classics and offers for the trade fair, and provide suggestions, tips and tricks covering every aspect of the most popular hobbies. Whether creative minds such as fans of painting, crafts and decoration, people interested in needlework or games fans, collectors, model railway enthusiasts, model makers, amateur captains, RC race and flying champions - this trade fair offers fun, excitement, play and interesting experiences for everyone. It is the event for hobby enthusiasts, children, young people and families as well as for the "50+" generation. Anybody who is looking for new ideas for their hobby, for an attractive and meaningful way to spend their leisure time or who simply wants to spend a whole day engaged in crafts, painting, building and playing will find a wealth of ideas and many tips for Christmas presents here. For teachers, educators, therapists and similar professionals, modell-hobby-spiel provides plenty of good ideas and also the materials they need for their work.

Prices for exhibitors: 

Space Rental (net per square metre) modell-hobby-spiel 2022 Early bird bonus until 29.4.22 Registrations from 30.4.22
Row stand
83,00 €
89,00 €
Corner stand
88,00 €
94,00 €
Peninsula stand
93,00 €
99,00 €
Island stand
98,00 €
104,00 €

Further fees apply in addition to the price of the space.

Industry sector: Crafting, DIY, Collecting (industry 31)
Main product group: Pattern Making, Model Railways, Needlework Materials, Amateur Handicraft Articles, Games, Stamps, Coins, Dolls, Toys, Robotics
Access: General public



September 2023

Interval: annually


Leipziger Messe GmbH