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If you attend multiple events during the year, then a modular stand is the perfect solution. Our team will design a stand that is unique to you, so you stand out from your competitors in the hall. However, the modular nature of the stand means it can be re-configured to meet all your stand sizes and layouts. Wherever the exhibition and whatever size of stand space, we will ensure you deliver total brand consistency across all your events.
This portable and modular all-round display solution, has a lightweight aluminum structure that is covered with high-quality fabric print and can be configured in size and shape every time it is used.
The modules, straight and curved, can be connected to one another, which makes it easy to create a perfect exhibition stand for each occasion. Accessories such as table, shelves, monitor and brochure holders are also easily added.


  1. Flexible Design
  2. Smaller Footprint
  3. Low Freight Costs

Need help designing your Modular Exhibition Stand?

As well as the manufacturing of the modular exhibition stands, we also have a team of experienced graphic designers on hand to help create bespoke artwork for every display. With our graphic design service, we will work with you to develop your ideas and integrate them into the design of your modular exhibition stand. All our designs are moulded to the shape, size and layout of every display.
Each of our graphic designers has extensive experience working with exhibition stands both large and small. Therefore, they are able to combine your vision for the display with their own creative finesse to create a modular exhibition stand which is guaranteed to catch the eye once it is set up at your event. We will work with you through a variety of options to ensure your modular exhibition stand features the perfect design.
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