Natural Products Expo West

Natural Products Expo West is the leading trade show in the natural, organic, and healthy products industry. Natural Products Expo provides a valuable opportunity for in-person discovery, drawing buyers from both big box and small independent retailers, who are seeking the hottest products in organic and natural foods, clean beauty and home products, and supplements and ingredients.

According to New Hope Network’s Nutrition Business Journal, the natural and organic industry is forecast to surpass $300 billion in sales by 2023 and $400 billion by 2030, driven by conscious consumers who place a premium on ensuring their health and wellbeing while increasingly looking toward social responsibility and sustainability.

Industry sector: Food, Beverage and Luxury Foodstuff (industry 24), Beauty (Cosmetics, Hairdressing, Bodycare) (industry 44)
Main product group: Foodstuff, Health Products, Cosmetics
Access: General public

7-11 March 2023

Interval: annually


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