Opolagra – Agricultural Exhibition

Each year, Opolagra offers a rich technical program, which is an answer to the current problems in agriculture.

Forum Tent is located in the exhibition area near the machinery demonstrations.

It is a place where exhibitors, organizations, media and farmers share their knowledge and experiences.

Subjects of Opolagra 2014 Forum were:

  • Machine services – whom it pays. Debate: service – farmers
  • New agricultural EU financial policy (2014-20): new opportunities and restrictions
  • Debate: what does the abolition of milk quotas – opportunities and threats
  • The same power – 80HP with engine 3 or 4 cylinder – which choose?
  • Inbred in Polish Cattle Husbandry – whether there are grounds for concern?
  • Workshops: spare parts – original vs replacement!

10.06.2022 - 12.06.2022

Interval: annually


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