paper positions basel

From 14 – 19 June 2022, during Basel Art Week, selected international galleries are presenting outstanding artistic positions on drawing and the medium of paper in the centrally located Ackermannshof.

Paper positions basel wants this special genre to be focused on in this important week. The galleries and their artists are given a presentation opportunity, which is dedicated to the subject of drawing and the medium of paper with all its specific features, its fragility and its enormous versatility.

In the spirit of its fair concept, which refrains from classic booths and is completely tailor-made for the most sensitive exhibits, paper positions basel deliberately focuses on a salon-like situation with continuous exhibition walls. The limited number of exhibitors also underlines the character of a large theme-based exhibition. The spatial design offers an open overview as well as the possibility to directly approach individual artistic works and to perceive them in a mutual dialogue.

INDUSTRY SECTORArts, Antiques (industry 46)

MAIN PRODUCT GROUPart on paper, Contemporary Art, Modern Art

ACCESSTrade visitors,private visitors are allowed on special days/times


June 2023

Interval: annually


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