Prod&Pack-Packaging(Previous name:EUROPACK/EUROMANUT/CFIA)

Europack Euromanut CFIA is now Prod&Pack, the exhibition for the entire packaging ecosystem. It encompasses all sectors from product manufacturing to end-of-life management: recycling, reuse, etc. It offers all the solutions to transform production processes and make products and packaging more environmentally friendly and more in line with the expectations and societal challenges of the 21st century.

With 600 exhibitors and a famously friendly environment, PROD&PACK makes it easy to find opportunities for business-related networking.Identify the best practices in terms of expertise and solutions, new technologies and services related to all aspects of product manufacturing, packaging, and end-of-life management: recycling, reuse...

Exhibitors can meet the expectations of producers of packaged products in terms of the transitions in the packaging world,present their new products and innovative solutions in line with the latest laws and consumer expectations.



Food Processing and Packaging Machinery (industry 61), Logistics, Gears and Drives, Conveyance and Storage Technology (industry 55)


Packaging Technology, Conveying Equipment, Lifting Equipment, Logistics, Food Processing Machinery, Packaging Machinery, Packaging Material

ACCESS: Trade visitors


November 2023

Interval: every two years



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